Foreign Entities|横浜市港北区鶴見区で税理士は 株式会社CFO/高橋和徳税理士事務所

Foreign Entities|横浜市港北区鶴見区で税理士は高橋和徳税理士事務所

Below services are included in the normal contract for foreign entities in Japan. We may listen to your request and make a proposal according to your request.

Upon incorporation

  • Incorporation report to tax office, prefecture and city
  • Other application form to tax office

Monthly services

  • Bookkeeping service
  • Accounting record check
  • Preparation monthly trial balance

Annual jobs for staff salary related

  • Year-end adjustment for staff salary
  • Annual report of staff salary and fee for professional service and others
    (Houteichousyo goukeihyou in Japanese)
  • Annual salary report to local tax office for staff inhabitant tax

Year-end closing and tax return

  • Yearend closing
  • Preparation tax return
    • Corporate tax, local resident tax, enterprise tax
    • Consumption tax
  • Preparation of minutes for Annual general meeting


  • 横浜市(鶴見区、神奈川区、西区、中区、南区、港南区、保土ケ谷区、旭区、磯子区、金沢区、港北区、緑区、青葉区、都筑区、戸塚区、栄区、泉区、瀬谷区)
  • 川崎市(麻生区、川崎区、幸区、高津区、多摩区、中原区、宮前区)
  • 東京都(大田区、目黒区、品川区、渋谷区、世田谷区など)